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President’s Budget Proposal Would Increase Poverty, Hunger


3.17.17 President Trump’s proposed budget would pay for a $54 billion increase in FY2018 defense spending through drastic cuts to non-defense discretionary programs, including those that serve the most vulnerable Californians. While there are currently no proposals to cut SNAP/CalFresh, deep cuts to many programs that serve low-income families would force Californians struggling to make ends meet to make impossible choices between basic needs like housing, health care, and food.

Furthermore, the Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney’s assertion that children’s nutrition programs do not lead to “demonstrable” improvement in school performance is demonstrably not true. PDF

Just a few of the programs at risk of funding cuts or elimination include:

  • Summer and afterschool programs that keep kids fed, safe and thriving;
  • Housing assistance for families struggling to afford high rents;
  • Student aid programs that help low- and moderate-income students afford college;
  • WIC, which provides healthy food and nutrition education for pregnant moms, newborns and young children.
  • This is a first stage in what will likely be a long fight to maintain funding for programs and services vital to low-income Californians’ health and well-being. A more detailed budget is expected later this spring, but It’s clear this Administration favors policies that harm those less fortunate in order to help those who need it the least.

    Call your Representative in Congress today by dialing the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to reject this proposal and stand up for families and children that need a helping hand in hard times.

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