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2016 Water Access and Quality Convening Materials


8.24.2016 On August 12, CFPA convened water experts from across the state to discuss strategies to improve the safety, consumption, and appeal of water. A number of policy recommendations were discussed and vetted to promote water access and water quality in the federal nutrition programs, school, and community settings.Those in attendance shared opportunities for collaboration and contributed new ideas to expand drinking water access for children and families across California. In the coming weeks, CFPA will be releasing a policy brief describing in detail many of the ideas discussed during the convening.

A special thank you to our funder, Kaiser Permanente-Northern California Region and convening participants who are working hard to make water the beverage of choice and accessible to all Californians.

CFPA Water Access and Quality Handouts :

  • Water Access and Quality Presentation:  link
  • Water Quality Factsheet: link
  • Water Access and Policy Recommendations: link | Companion Document: link
CFPA Water Access and Quality Panel Presentations:
  •  Promoting Intake of Drinking Water in Schools and Community Settings
    • Anisha I. Patel, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Healthy Policy UCSF
    • Presentation: link | Handout: link
  • Are We Providing Our Schools With Safe Drinking Water: An Analysis of California Public Schools Impacted by Unsafe Drinking Water
    • Asha Kreiling, Policy and Communications Analyst, Community Water Center
    • Presentation: link | Handout: link
  • National Drinking Water Alliance: Working Towards Equity Through Policy
    • Christina Hecht, Senior Policy Advisor, Nutrition Policy Institute 
    • Presentation: link
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