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October 1, 2012

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Legislative Update: Governor Brown Vetoes AB 1594 and AB 1872
New School Meals Stepping
Up to the Plate

Join CFPA in Supporting
Oakland's Measure J

Register for Drinking Water in
Schools Webinar

CFPA Legislative Update: AB 1594 (Eng) and AB 1872 (Alejo) Vetoed by Governor Brown

On Sunday, September 30, the legislative session concluded with action by the Governor on several bills of interest to anti-hunger, health, and anti-poverty advocates. This has proven to be a challenging legislative session with the failed passage and veto of several key nutrition bills, including those sponsored by CFPA and introduced by several partner organizations. Exacerbating these challenges was the cut to the CACFP state meal reimbursement. Though the legislature and Governor failed to act on important nutrition issues in this session, CFPA will persist in its efforts to see these issues resolved.

AB 1594 (Eng) Improving Charter School Nutrition
Was vetoed by the Governor on Saturday, September 29. AB 1594 would have extended California’s needy student meal mandate to California charter schools, ensuring that all low-income public school students would have access to nutritious, affordable meals each school day.

AB 1872 (Alejo) Improving Child Care Nutrition
Was vetoed by the Governor on Thursday, September 27. This bill would have set the same minimum nutrition standard for foods served in licensed family day care homes as is currently required in all licensed child care centers and would have required licensing authorities to inform all child care providers about the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Unfortunately, AB 1594 and AB 1872 will not be enacted. However, the Governor’s veto does not discount the need for all low-income charter school students to have access to affordable meals and the need for basic nutrition standards in all licensed child care settings. CFPA will continue to address these needs in our efforts to support the health and well-being of California’s children.

We appreciate your work in supporting both bills! AB 1594 and AB 1872 received great support throughout the legislative session from a diverse group of stakeholders and would not have made it to the Governor’s desk without you. We will continue working together to improve nutrition environments in charter schools and child care settings. Thank you for your commitment! Stay tuned for more.

Read the Governor’s veto message on AB 1594. link
More information about AB 1594. link

Questions about AB 1594? Contact Alexis Fernandez  at 510.433.1122 x111

Read the Governor’s veto message on AB 1872. link
More information about AB 1872. link

Questions about AB 1872? Contact Ellen Braff-Guajardo at 510.301.0824 or Elyse Homel-Vitale at 858.449.3597.

New School Meals Stepping Up to the Plate

In light of recent media backlash, CFPA reaffirms support for the new school meal standards and encourages school districts to support successful implementation.

As students across the country headed back to school this year, they were welcomed with improved school meals. Students found on their lunch tray more fruits and vegetables, greater variety of whole grain products, as well as limits on the amount of meat and grains served and new calorie maximums. In California, as well as other parts of the country, districts have had success implementing the new meal requirements. They have taken steps to engage students, train staff, and communicate changes in order to ensure that the new menus will be embraced.

Read more here. link

Questions? Contact Markell Lewis at 510.433.1122 x107 or
Ariana Oliva
at 213.482.8200.

Join CFPA in Supporting Oakland's Measure J

If passed, Oakland's Measure J, Improve Quality of Oakland Schools & School Facilities, would provide $44 million to fund school food facility improvements throughout Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). Because of CFPA's commitment to increasing low-income Californians' access to nutritious, affordable food, we support Measure J. It will enable OUSD to provide fresh, healthy, and appealing school meals to over 45,000 students.

Read more here. link

Questions? Contact Markell Lewis at 510.433.1122 x107

Register Now for Drinking Water in Schools Webinar

Promoting tap water as an alternative to sugary beverages in schools is an important obesity prevention strategy. Many schools are struggling to make free drinking water more accessible. Federal law requires schools participating in the National School Lunch Program to provide access to free drinking water during lunch time; California has a similar but more expansive provision. In this webinar, panelists will discuss the implications of a recent Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Healthy Eating Research study that examined drinking water access, water-related policies and practices, and barriers to improving water access in California public schools. The panel will also review strategies for successful implementation of "water in schools" and will share real-world examples of innovative and cost-effective practices collected from schools.

Register today. link

 Questions? Contact Ellen Braff-Guajardo at 510.301.0824

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